Films have been used as an important way of getting people involved in Warwick Ahead from early days of screening films about the estate in the Wallbottle Pub through to at the Old Peoples Bungalows, in the School and in the Addy.

One to One Development Trust have been making films with local people since 1999 and have a good archive of material from the estate and can evidence many changes in the community. As part of Warwick Ahead films have been commissioned to tell the story of what is happening, what people want and also as a useful resource for evaluation and learning. Many of the films have been used in other Big Local areas to help inform and inspire other Community Boards.

The Warwick Ahead Community Board work with One to One Development Trust to decide what the film priorities will be.


Warwick Community Group 10th Anniversary


Credit Union


Warwick Wheels


From Warwick Ahead to Makatar


Warwick Community Plan Film


Getting People Involved – Round 2 – August 2012


Warwick on the Beach – Extracts from the fun day


Warwick Ahead – Consultation Film


Warwick Ahead

This was created in August/September 2011 and shows the thoughts and feelings of residents of Warwick Estate and what changes they would like to see happen to make the Estate a better place to live.


Art of Inclusion

The story of a three year youth arts project set on Warwick and Airedale Estates and how it engaged with and affected young people’s lives.