Community Vision

At the beginning of Warwick Ahead before the £1 million pounds was released, residents and workers in the area carried out lots of community consultation and research to write a ‘Community Vision’. This Vision identifies the four key areas that people felt were important for Warwick Ahead to address over the ten years.

When developing projects for Warwick Ahead it is important that ALL PROJECTS support and contribute to this Vision.

Creating a pride of place and a more positive image for the estate

Community having more control and confidence to manage their own enterprises e.g. shops, transport, environment

Greater employment opportunities and legitimate ways to make money – a wealthier estate

More people in work and getting the right benefits and opportunities

A friendly and happy community where people smile and care for their neighbours

With lots of things for people of all ages and needs to do

A cleaner and safer estate

Please download the Community Vision to remind your Group or Organisation what Warwick Ahead is aiming to achieve on the Estate.