Board Members

Each year residents or volunteers who help on the estate can stand to be elected onto the Warwick Ahead Community Board. The elections happen in March at the AGM.

The Partnership meet 6 weekly and the Community Board meet every fortnight. The Partnership decide the priorities for the Warwick Ahead Community Plan and the Community Board oversee the organisations/ groups who are tasked with running them. There is a fortnightly Drop In session at the Community Shop for anyone with any questions.

The current Warwick Ahead Community Board elected in March 2018 is:

Board Officers:

1. Chair Person – Hazel Richardson
2. Vice-Chair – David Craig
3. Secretary – Ruth Stead
4. Vice-secretary  – Gail Chatterton
5. Treasurer – Vacancy

Board Members:

Doreen Zacharow
Gill Cook
Danni Whitworth
Daniel Wake
David Turpin
Jaydn Hudson
Bobbie Craig
Cllr Graham Stokes

Representatives of organisations who attend the Partnership Meetings:

Big Local Rep – Tony Herman
Nova Chief Executive – Ian Cockerill
WDH Area Manager – Jo Smith
WDH Estate Manager – Helen Woodcock
WMDC Strategic Communities Manager Wakefield East – Alison Bird